Spots N Stripes Ranch


Spots N Stripes Zantazia

Our new '06 addition is all legs and stripes! This girl is in training. She is already doing the in hand trail course, and is showing great promise. She is tall, straight, muscled, and has a feminine, refined head. We have great hopes for this beautiful girl.

Spots N Stripes Zip to Impress

Zipper is a 1994 paint zorse with a loving personality, always standing perfectly still for hugs, and asking for more when we stop. Zipper has been SOLD! and we know she will have a wonderful home in Phoenix, AZ with her great new family and wonderful new friends including a donkey, horse, monkeys, geese, ducks, tortoise, wallabies, and the rest of the menagerie. When we delivered Zipper, she immediately made the place 'home', and we know she will be very happy in her 'forever' home.


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